Hypnosis reduces Stress and Anxiety

When you are relaxed you simply cannot be stressed!

Hypnotherapy enables you to program your sub-conscious mind to automatically change your state of mind in stress related situations allowing you to see things more clearly, connect to your own inner creative resources and remain calm under pressure.

Stress in an instinctive response, a natural mechanism to protect us from immediate danger. Stress hormones are released directly into the bloodstream causing an instant physical, mental and emotional change that makes us extra aware, strong and enduring in life threatening situations.
However, today many of us live permanently in this state of extra alertness causing dramatic impact on the quality of our lives.

can cause both mental and physical symptoms and has different effects on different people.
Mental / emotional symptoms include: tension, irritability, inability to sleep, feeling excessively tired, sense of loneliness and isolation, lack of assertiveness, depression, constant worrying and memory problems. 
Physical symptoms include: Sweating palms, headache, difficulty breathing, dry mouth, pounding heart, high blood pressure, pain of any kind, digestive problems (IBS), and skin conditions (such as eczema). 

When you are stressed your sympathetic nervous system is in dominant.
When you are relaxed your parasympathetic nervous system in dominant.
It's either or!

To maintain a general high level off well being I can warmly recommend topping up with the relaxation, motivation and re-energizing group hypnosis sessions.

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