Clarification and a comfortable relaxation of body & mind

At your first session I will interview you about your issue and present situation, how you would like this situation to be different and what is your goal for the future. You will try how it is to be in hypnosis. You might have the feeling of not haven been in hypnosis at all - you just felt really relaxed - which is the first sign of the hypnosis (=like trance-like) state of mind. You might also go into deep relaxation (=hypnosis) and float in and out of this state.
You will be able to hear everything I say, though you might choose to think about something completely different - or not to think at anything at all.
In both cases you will now know how it is like physically and feel safe so that you can go even deeper into relaxation at your second session.
Most people experience changes in a positive direction in regards to their issue after the first session.

At your second session you will be familiar with the process go into deep relaxation faster or more easily facilitating bigger changes within your sub-conscious. It has by now usually become clear what limiting beliefs you have about yourself and others or about life that needs to be addressed in order to obtain your goal for the future. You will be in hypnosis throughout most of the session.

A third session might be advisable depending on your issue and what kind of resistance you meet on the way to rid your self of your limiting beliefs. 


When you have found a way to deal with one issue you most probably will experience other positive changes spreading like ripples in the water.
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