Advantages of using hypnosis during pregnancy

Whatever antenatal course you may already be attending hypnosis is an opportunity for you to turn your awareness inwards, to bond and spend quality time with your unborn baby and prepare you both for a beautiful birthing story.

Hypnosis helps you to connect with your inner self, enhances your self confidence and trust in your self, your body and your unborn baby.
Your body is marvelously designed to perfectly accommodate your baby's needs .
Your sub-conscious mind is already in charge of all of your body functions. You do not need to consciously think about every heartbeat, peristaltic movement of your bowels or growth of your hair. No conscious intervention is needed for the sperm cell to penetrate the egg or for the fertilized egg to develop into an embryo. These processes are thankfully taken care of by your sub-conscious. The voice of your sub-conscious is your intuition / instinct. This is why connecting to your inner self, your intuition, is beneficial for the well being of your unborn baby - and for your self in general.

Physical relaxation, mental stillness, visualization and positive suggestions are but a few techniques leading to greater self-confidence and trust in your self and your body.

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