Your body is marvelously designed to give birth

Since beginning of times women have given birth and the knowledge hereof is ancestral heritage within all women.

Until the moment of birth your body has provided everything for your baby and it will continue to do so throughout your baby's transition (birth) into life outside your womb.

A relaxed body is primordial for a safe and natural birth and physical relaxation begins in the mind. Hypnosis helps quietening your mind enhancing calm breathing and hereby an oxygenated blood flow to your muscles. The muscles involved in birth need the oxygenated blood to remain flexible. With hypnosis you enable yourself to remain mentally calm and physically relaxed during birth no matter what happens around you.

Your baby has also been marvelously designed to be born.
The best thing you can actively do to experience a natural and safe birth is to actively do nothing and let your body and baby do what they are designed to do.

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