Hypnosis is a state of mind

Did you know that you are automatically in hypnosis at least twice a day?
Hypnosis is a state of mind you are in just before waking up in the morning (and you think you are dreaming but no, it is actually the real alarm clock that's ringing) and just be fore you fall at sleep at night (your feel a as if you going to fall). It is actually possible to measure the state of mind you are in through measurement of the frequency of your brain waves in Hertz (=cycles pr. second). Fully awake the frequency is Beta (38-15HZ) and during hypnosis, trance, meditation, mindfulness the frequency is Alfa 14-8HZ. In fact you are probably in the hypnosis-state several more times during the day than you are aware of: when absorbed in an exciting book or movie, sunbathing, or listening to music. 
Whenever you focus on one thing your mind is automatically in this state of hypnosis.

During hypnosis your brain relaxes and your constant inner chatter is stilled.Your conscious mind is "switched off' and you stop focusing on your inner thoughts. This enables your to expand your awareness to also include what is in your sub-conscious mind:


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