Lasting Weight loss 

Extended studies shows that psychological support is essential for successful long term weight loss.

Hypnotherapy enhances your ability to listen to your body, to only eat when you are hungry, to stop eating when you are full, and to focus on other things than food.

Over-eating can become a bad habit, an unwanted behavioural pattern, programmed in the sub-conscious. At the time of creation, all of these patterns were meant to protect you from unwanted emotions and feelings. For whatever reason your sub-conscious decided that eating would help you overcome these emotions and feelings. When aiming for lasting weight loss it is therefore essential to address  the underlying issues that brought forward these unwanted emotions and feelings in the first place. Addressing those issues will help you find new behaviours that will protect you and are more beneficial for what you are trying to obtain (freedom from unwanted emotions and feelings). 

Hypnosis is one of the most efficient tools to install these new beneficial patterns and re-program your sub-conscious. 

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