A beautiful birthing story.

Experiencing the amazing effects of hypnosis during birth of my first child 15 years ago inspired me to become a hypnotherapist. My own three beautiful home births confirmed that the use of hypnosis in antenatal preparations is an extraordinary opportunity for every woman to fully enjoy her pregnancy, birth and beginning of motherhood. 

A beautiful birthing story creates an everlasting beautiful memory of the most important day in the life of your baby and in the lifetime of you, your partner and the rest of the family.

Pregnancy and birth are extraordinary opportunities for you to experience LIFE, creation, growth and nurturing. During pregnancy a woman is more perceptive and receptive to her intuition. It is a time offering an opportunity to connect to your inner ancestral woman. She is pure feminine energy and prompts purposeful nurturing for survival. Birth is your baby's transition into life outside your womb. Your job is to facilitate this journey. Luckily, your body is marvelously designed to give birth. And your baby to be born.

Hypnosis is widely and scientifically researched and acknowledged as the most efficient antenatal preparation, helping you to remain relaxed and in full control during birth, reduce time in labor, reduce risk of post-partum depression, and facilitating bonding and breastfeeding after birth.
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